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Manuscript Paper - If you've run out of manuscript paper just go here to download and print it out. There are 3 versions available. Two are in piano grand staff format with 4 bars per line and 8 bars per line respectively, and one in single line treble clef format which would be suitable for a lead sheet or a guitar part.

Practice Track - When learning a new musical phrase or lick it is best to practice it in all 12 keys. This practice track is in midi file format and has a walking bassline and a simple swing feel drum track. The bassline walks through all 12 major key II-V-Is following the cycle of fourths.  It starts in the key of C and the tempo is 168 bpm.

Transcriptions - The best way to learn how to play jazz piano is to emulate a jazz great, preferably one who has solid roots back to the source. Transcribing their solos is one of the best ways to train your ears and gain a deep understanding of their harmonic concept and their approach to music.

Drum Loops - These drum loops are great to practice to, especially if you are working on a phrase or a bassline and you're trying to get it 'in the pocket'. Windows media player 6, when set to repeat, used to loop WAV files perfectly but I've noticed that the later versions don't, so you may need dedicated audio software like Cool Edit Pro to loop them properly. The loops are in WAV file format.

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- Fantastic ear training software.  Interval and chord identification and more.
Easy RM to MP3 Converter
- Great software for converting Real Audio to Mp3 format.

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